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Boss Design - Lily

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Lighter on the Environment

We are passionate about caring for the environment. The Lily range has been designed with the needs of the user and the environment in mind. Presented with The Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development 2009, FSC accredited and a carbon neutral company, we prefer to work with like minded suppliers who use
raw materials and components obtained only from ethical sources.

Uncompromising on quality, we purchase materials with a high recycled content wherever possible. We work closely with local suppliers and constantly review our global logistics operation to ensure we minimise any negative impact on the environment. We actively monitor the carbon footprint of our products throughout
their life-cycle to ensure they meet Boss Design’s environmental policy.

We partner with Greenworks to deliver our award winning end-of-life product management process. We arrange for our client’s old furniture items to be collected and redistributed to charities and other good causes. Alternatively, unsuitable furniture is always broken down and recycled.

Lily and the Environment

The Lily range has been designed to minimise any negative affect on the environment. During its life, components such as the upholstery and arms can be easily removed and replaced if required. At the end of its life Lily can simply be disassembled so that each component can be appropriately recycled.

The Lily mesh-back polyester material is constructed from 100% recycled yarn.

Lily Ecological Credentials

Returnable Packaging
Carbon Neutral
Climate Neutral
BS EN ISO 14001

Statistics represent Lily chairs with arms and nylon base