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NMSO Number: E60PQ-0300004/009/PQ  

ADI's originality is the result of a right proportion of such innovation, aesthetics, functionalism and consistency in all its products.

ADI is certified ISO 9002 since 1996.


Stacking: Cat
CAT, the PERRRfect chair. It sits in waiting rooms and rest areas, attends conferences, trainings and lectures. It gathers informally round cafeteria and bistro tables and coddles-up to 20 high in a cart and rolls away when not needed. Its adaptability, famous suspension comfort and slick feline look makes it a truly exceptional chair.
Stacking: Zest
The Zest nesting chair is a multi-purpose chair that can be used in meetings, training, conferences or for visitors. It features a knit mesh back that self-adjusts to the shape of the users back. The seat is equipped with the ADI Suspension System, ensuring longer sitting periods with little fatigue.
Stacking: Miniflex
Mini size, maxi versatility. The stackable MINIFLEX is a universal chair, or just about: upholstered in fabric or vinyl, it features optional armrest, handling grip and flipping writing tablet; it is available on 4 legs or sleigh base. This wonderfully light and practical chair can fit most any setting.
Stacking: Arriva
Arriva is the ultimate in simplicity and its modern design is a complement to any stylish environment. Surprisingly comfortable, its straight back design is ideal for public spaces, restaurants, bars, cafeterias as well as in the office, break rooms,small conference and meeting rooms.
Executive: Magnum
Choose the A.D.I. Magnum collection and invest your environment with the elegance of design, the prestige of leather, the finest fabrics, and the legendary comfort of the Suspension system. Four backrest heights, a choice of arms, mechanisms, bases, plus breathtaking lines.
Executive: Ovation
The A.D.I. Ovation is perfectly suited for your conference room environment. Combine the elegance of simple lines, with the prestige of leather or leather/vinyl at a very affordable cost. Two backrest heights, a choice of black or chromed arms, mechanisms, aluminum bases, plus the bonus of the ADI Suspension comfort.
Task: Tact
The TACT is an economical three dimensional knit back chair that combines lightness, aesthetic and comfort. The knit back is available in 8 standard colors and over 50 additional colors on demand. The chair is built with the ADI Suspension technique on the seat and offers a wide variety of options, such as 3 seat sizes, an adjustable lumbar support, memory foam on the seat and many models of adjustable arms and mechanism. Enough to meet the most demanding user.
Task: Voila
This knit back chair is the first of its kind to offer a full range of ergonomic options: two back heights, three seat sizes, six mechanisms and a myriad of arms, seat, and base options. The chair is equipped with the renowned ADI Suspension seat and a unique three dimensional tensioned knit back on a cast aluminum frame, all combined in a clean, sleek design. What else can be said but... Voilą.
Task: Lynx
The ultimate in comfort, the Lynx collection offers a unique combination of back and lateral lumbar support that literally cradles the body. The seat is designed to eliminate the pressure under the thighs. These features combine with ADI's unique Suspension System to offer one of the very best sitting chair in the market today. Try it! It's an experience you will not forget.
Task: Sensaflex
With its choice of options, the Sensaflex family offers you the exact seat for every function. Broader, more comfortable than most task chairs, Sensaflex offers four back heights, its own base design, a variety of armrests and a 'deco' tailoring option. The monoshell design is also available with four backrests heights, same choice of armrest and the optional stitched 'deco' upholstery. Ideal for conference rooms.
Task: Flex
The product that started it all. With Suspension technology, the body literally 'floats' instead of being jammed into a plywood seat pan. This proven technology is the heart of A.D.I. seating and sets the line apart from all other manufacturers.
Task: Desire
With Desire comes a seating collection with sleek, enveloping lines and an assortment of backrests, arms and mechanisms to ensure that your chair is right for you. The monoshell versions - Desire Mono add still more aesthetic appeal to this line of seats, which features the exceptionally comfortable Suspension System.